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Transfer Tax on deeds are rounded off to a dollar figure and appear at the end of the item. When the consideration for the property exceeds $100 a transfer tax is charged. The rate is $1.10 per $1000 dollars of consideration paid. When property is purchased subject to an existing trust deed, the amount owed on the trust deed is not included in the transfer tax.

Trust deeds are reported as follows: John Doe for Richard Roe $10,000 L 20 T 1468. The trustor (borrower or purchaser) always appears first in the item. If we reported the document more completely, it would read: John Doe to XYZ Title Co. for Richard Roe $10,000 L 20 T 1468. We have adopted the shorter form to conserve space.

Occasionally under the heading "New Suits", the number of the action will be followed by the word "Withheld". This indicates that a writ of attachment has been requested by the plaintiff and issued by the Court. When this occurs, we are prevented by statute from publishing the information. This is to prevent the defendant from being forewarned and hiding or otherwise disposing of assets which could be attached.

The glossary on the following pages contains items, listed alphabetically, frequently used in The Daily Report. For further information or explanation regarding items appearing in The Daily Report, call our office at (661) 322-3226 during business hours: 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday, 7:00 A.M. to 3 P.M. Fridays, legal holidays excepted.

Due to the quantity of terms we had to break up the list into two (2) sections A-L terms and M-Z terms:

Abandon Homesteads to Lis Pendens

Marriages to Withdraw Lis Pendens

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